Knowledge Center:

We believe that a well informed client is an ideal client. The more you know about the best practices followed for the use of products, the less likely you will be harmed by a poor decision when it comes to creating your home.

As good service and happy customers are important to us, we share below some of our experience and knowledge. In addition, our management is available in-store to give you their best input on any specific query.

Customized Enclosures:

Separating wet areas and dry areas are vital to modern bathrooms. Enclosures provide this separation. Customized Enclosures are ideal as they can be adjusted to each bathroom and each clients need.

Epoxy Grout:

Epoxy Grout refers to the coloring used between the tiles. When tiles are laid with spacing in between them, using Epoxy Grout gives a richer look and feel to the floors and walls.

Concealed Cisterns:

We suggest concealed cisterns with frames, as it its more compact and has all the components for fixing the WC which could otherwise be easily missed out by the plumber. These frames are standard size which can use used with any WC from any brand.


Adhesives are preferred over cement while laying tiles in all areas of a home, especially in the bathroom as it gives a better finish and has a stronger hold. Adhesives can also be used while fixing tiles on other surfaces such as wood or on other tiles etc.

Wall Hung v/s Floor Mounted WC:

We recommend Wall hung WC as they are aesthetically better for a bathroom. They occupy lesser space and give it a cleaner, more glamorous look. It also facilitates easy cleaning of the floor as it is mounted on the wall, allowing for a more hygienic environment.

Green Products:

These are water saving products. Select Faucets, Flushing systems have this technology. They are ideal for corporate office spaces and hotels where water usage is high with higher flushing and faucet usage cycles.


Maintaining your products is important as it adds to the longevity of the products. Tile cleaners, Chrome plate fitting cleaners for faucets etc. Hard water tarnishes the shiny surfaces on faucets and also on tiles. Using tile cleaners and chrome plate fitting cleaners for faucets are recommended to counteract this damage. In addition, water softeners should be installed to the building overhead tanks.

Pressure Pumps:

Pressure Pumps are required for most showers these days as they have advanced technology for ideal working. They also ensure good water pressure which adds to the showering experience.

Pressure resistant Solar Tanks:

Pressure resistant Solar Tanks is important, if you have pressure pumps in your home or plan on installing one, as it safeguards the tanks from the highly pressurized water which can damage the solar tanks.

Tile Wastage:

We recommend while ordering tiles, it is ideal to order an additional 5-10% of your requirement, to avoid shortage which may occur due to damages, corner cutting usages, breakages which is inevitable due to the nature of the product.

Exhaust Fans:

Exhaust Fans are recommended for bathrooms of all sizes for the removal of both moisture and odour. Moisture in bathrooms can increase the pace of wear and tear of products.